01. To prevent any disputes, Please read the agreement carefully before accepting. Once agreed to our terms, members will be regarded as accepting all terms and conditions of our products.

02. Members are responsible for the confidentiality of their accounts and passwords. Bets placed and accepted by members' accounts will be regarded as valid bets. We will not take responsibilities or make compensation to members if their accounts are stolen.

03. We reserve all dispute and last policy decision for changing our articles and game rules. Any revise or amendment in the agreement will take effect immediately once announced.

04. Members must be over the local legal age before proceeding to any activities with our products.

05. If bets placed on our games were not successfully submitted, the bet will be considered as invalid.

06. If players voluntarily or automatically logout before game results come out, the bet results will not be effective.

07. Under any circumstances of force majeure including natural disaster or hacking attack which causes loss of data. Kindly visit us for further action to be taken from our company.

08. We record all online transactions and betting activities and will regard according to the records when disputes occur.

09. In case we discover improper method (plug-in) or any legal personal of group betting activities bet causing damage to our company, we have the retention rights to cancel regarded bets.

10. Discovery of any member holding multiple accounts, we reserve the sole right to cancel and/or reclaim all members' bonuses and winnings generated from bonuses. Each player / address / email / phone number / bank / credit card number / internet connection may only hold one account. All promotions and bonuses are only suitable for each unique account.

11. If there are any inconsistency between Rules & Terms of different languages, please refer to the English version.

12. In case of any external factor such as poor internet connection, connection error, poor hardware, etc...., which may cause differences between our products and database, the final outcomes will be based on recorded data in our database.